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Hi, on my Casio Calculator, it lets me input the following commands when you create a program, Goto and Lbl. The command goto goes and finds a label and then the program continues from there. Here is an example


"Type in a number that is not 0"


If A=0

Then "You typed in 0" : GotoA



Is it possible to do something like this in an AutoIT script?

Thank you for your help and support!!!

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Of course it is.  Some of the elements of the language that you will need are:

- inputbox / guictrlcreateinput

- function(s) / call(s)

Look in the Help file and see what you can come up with.

Good Luck,


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While 1
    If _LblA() = 0 Then
        MsgBox(0, 0, "You typed in 0")

Func _LblA()
    Return InputBox("", "Type in a number that is not 0")
EndFunc   ;==>_LblA

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