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msWord XML beautifier

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..so I got Notepad++ but was not working with the xml printing plugin, the online beautifiers would no work all the time, and I wanted like Tidy does with tabs so it looks nice in Scite to look at the code and make my own template for a script I'm working on....very frustrating and time consuming, so, I put this code together. I get in a 10th of a sec. the xml prettified vs. minutes and frustration.

Anyway, how I use it is I drag and drop the word doc. ( saved in XML format ) to scite , copy to the clipboard ( ctrl-A, ctrl-C ) , switch to this code, press F5 and I'm happy

If Not StringInStr($CmdLineRaw, "/ErrorStdOut") And Not @Compiled Then Exit MsgBox( 262144 , @ScriptName, "please run from Editor", 10)

Local $s = ClipGet()
If Not StringInStr($s, '<?mso-application progid="Word.Document"?>') Then Exit MsgBox(262144, StringTrimRight(@ScriptName, 4), "tested only in Word.Document XML" & @CR & @CR & "no changes made to clipboard", 20)
Local $sOut = msWordXML_Beautify($s, 2) ; 2=return as beautified string, 1=ConsoleWrite beautified string, 0=return beautified array
MsgBox(262144, StringTrimRight(@ScriptName, 4), "clipboard content replaced by beautified XML", 2)

Func msWordXML_Beautify($s, $iEcho = 0)
    Local $iTimer = TimerInit()
    $s = StringReplace($s, @CR, '')
    $s = StringReplace($s, @LF, '')
    Local $a = StringSplit($s, "<")
    Local $b[$a[0] * 2]
    Local $i = 0, $c = ""
    For $x = 1 To $a[0]
        If StringReplace($a[$x], @TAB, "") = "" Then ContinueLoop
        If StringInStr($a[$x], ">") Then $a[$x] = StringReplace($a[$x], @TAB, '')
        $c = StringSplit($a[$x], ">")
        If UBound($c) < 2 Then ContinueLoop
        For $y = 1 To $c[0]
            If $y = 1 Then
                $i += 1
                $b[$i] = "<" & $c[$y] & ">"
                If $c[$y] = "" Then ContinueLoop
                $i += 1
                $b[$i] = $c[$y]
    ReDim $b[$i + 1]
    $b[0] = $i
    For $x = 3 To $b[0]
        If Not StringInStr($b[$x - 1], ">") Then
            $b[$x] = $b[$x - 2] & $b[$x - 1] & $b[$x]
            $b[$x - 2] = "<>"
            $b[$x - 1] = "<>"
    Dim $c[$b[0] + 1]
    $i = 0
    For $x = 1 To $b[0]
        If $b[$x] = "<>" Then ContinueLoop
        $i += 1
        $c[$i] = $b[$x]
    $b = $c
    $c = ""
    ReDim $b[$i + 1]
    $b[0] = UBound($b) - 1
    Local $tabs = ""
    For $x = 1 To $b[0]
        $b[$x] = StringStripWS($b[$x], 3)
        If StringLeft($b[$x], 2) = "<!" Then ContinueLoop
        If StringLeft($b[$x], 2) = "<?" Then ContinueLoop
        If StringLeft($b[$x], 1) = "<" And StringRight($b[$x], 2) = "/>" Then
            $b[$x] = $tabs & $b[$x]
        If StringLeft($b[$x], 2) = "</" And StringRight($b[$x], 1) = ">" Then
            $tabs = StringTrimRight($tabs, 1)
            $b[$x] = $tabs & $b[$x]
        If StringLeft($b[$x], 1) = "<" And StringRight($b[$x], 1) = ">" And Not StringInStr($b[$x], '</') Then
            $b[$x] = $tabs & $b[$x]
            $tabs &= @TAB
        $b[$x] = $tabs & $b[$x]
    ConsoleWrite('+ msWordXML_Beautify done in about ' & Round(TimerDiff($iTimer), 5) & ' mSec.' & @CRLF)
    Local $sOut = ""
    If $iEcho Then
        For $x = 1 To $b[0]
            If $iEcho = 1 Then
                ConsoleWrite( $b[$x] & @CRLF )
                $sOut &= $b[$x] & @CRLF
    If $iEcho = 2 Then Return $sOut
    Return $b
EndFunc   ;==>msWordXML_Beautify

..hope it saves time to someone.

Edit 1: it works nice with <?mso-application progid="Excel.Sheet"?>, it may just work with any XML, no clue.

Edit 2: fixed an error in the code

Edited by argumentum

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