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Working area of GUI

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I thought this would be a simple task but it appears no to be so.

I need to calculate the size and position, either absolute or relative to GUI, the area of a GUI of which is coloured black in the following simple example.

I'm calling it the working area because client area does not fit my description.

I've done a fair bit of looking around the forum and the accepted answers appears to be one of _WinAPI_GetSystemMetrics of the caption bar height and _WinAPI_GetClientRect.

Neither of those suit my purpose.

The area I'm getting encroaches on all borders and GUI title bar.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>

$hGui = GUICreate("GUI", 400, 400)



Until GUIGetMsg() = -3

Func _GetWorkingArea()
    Local Const $SM_CYCAPTION = 4
    Local Const $SM_CXBORDER = 5
    Local $aWinPos = WinGetPos($hGui)
    Local $iMouseSpeed = 40
    Local $iTitleBarHeight = _WinAPI_GetSystemMetrics($SM_CYCAPTION)
    Local $iBorderWidth = _WinAPI_GetSystemMetrics($SM_CXBORDER)

    Local $tRect = _WinAPI_GetClientRect($hGui)

    MouseMove($aWinPos[0] + $iBorderWidth, $aWinPos[1] + $iTitleBarHeight + $iBorderWidth, $iMouseSpeed)

    MouseMove($aWinPos[0] + $aWinPos[2], $aWinPos[1] + $iTitleBarHeight + $iBorderWidth, $iMouseSpeed)
    MouseMove($aWinPos[0] + $aWinPos[2] - ($iBorderWidth * 2), $aWinPos[1] + $aWinPos[3], $iMouseSpeed)
    MouseMove($aWinPos[0], $aWinPos[1] + $aWinPos[3] - ($iBorderWidth * 2), $iMouseSpeed)
    MouseMove($aWinPos[0] + $iBorderWidth, $aWinPos[1] + $iTitleBarHeight, $iMouseSpeed)

    MsgBox(4096, "Rect", _
            "Left..: " & DllStructGetData($tRect, "Left") & @LF & _
            "Right.: " & DllStructGetData($tRect, "Right") & @LF & _
            "Top...: " & DllStructGetData($tRect, "Top") & @LF & _
            "Bottom: " & DllStructGetData($tRect, "Bottom"))
EndFunc   ;==>_GetWorkingArea

Anyone have idea how to cleanly solve this?

Just adding a couple of pixels is not cleanly to me.

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