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Problem with _Tempfile

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I am not sure if it is a bug or my interpretation of the help?

I have tried the following:

$fn = _tempfile(@scriptdir & "dir1dir2","AB_",".txt")


$tpath = @scriptdir & "dir1dir2"

$fn = _tempfile($tpath,"AB_",".txt")

In both cases the result for $fn is that it substitutes the directory path held in %Temp%

By using an expilcit path it works.

$fn = _tempfile("C:dirAdirBdir1dir2","AB_",".txt")

Is this as designed, as I expected all to be evaluated correctly and that the temp path would be defaulted to when "" a blank parameter was enetered.



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Hi Guys

Thanks, for clarifying the operation of this function.  I was using the tempfile() function to create a random unique filename which I was subsequently opening using fileopen($fn,10) to create the path and open the file if it did not exists.

I have used the _tempfile function previously without a problem.

All has become clear.



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