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InetGet & FileSaveDialog .. not working

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I'm trying to achieve something fairly straightforward, get a file remotely, then prompt for the download location, but the FileSaveDialog isn't working. 

$FileDownload = FileSaveDialog("Save File To...","","*.msi",$FD_PROMPTOVERWRITE,"Chrome")
$hInet = INetGet($Download, $FileDownload,1,1)
ProgressOn("Downloading", "Google Chrome Version " & $RemoteFile, "0%")
$FileSize = InetGetSize($Download) ;Get file size
While Not InetGetInfo($hInet, 2) ;Loop until download is finished
    Sleep(500) ;Sleep for half a second to avoid flicker in the progress bar
    $BytesReceived = InetGetInfo($hInet, 0) ;Get bytes received
    $Pct = Int($BytesReceived / $FileSize * 100) ;Calculate percentage
    ProgressSet($Pct, $Pct & "%") ;Set progress bar

$Download is defined earlier on in the code, but why isn't this working?  It goes on to actually download something - to what location I have no idea as it has no file save location!

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Wow, something as simple as two brackets!  Thanks, quite a simple fix :)

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