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How to Send "Ctrl + S" Control To inActive Window

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hey iam Trying to make A Silent AutoSaver Which Send "Ctrl + S" To  An inActive Window Is it Possible ... I tried ControlSend Function But it Needs The Window Active

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I don't believe it is impossible, but any solution (which I don't have unfortunately) is likely to vary from program to program. You could however block user input for the time it takes to activate a hidden window and send the message. It's not really a very elegant solution.

Tell us more about the application you want to send the save command to. If it is your own program, then there are likely to be several alternative ways to achieve what you want - it could be as simple as creating a log file.

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You can try something like

If _IsPressed ("11") and _IsPressed ("53") then

Wingetfocus ("windows tittle")

Send ("{CTRL}") and Send ("S")

and if you need to get back the focus in the preview windows send an ALT TAB

you should probably re-write this in a better way but maybe that logic can help yourself ...

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