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Stuck on one part of script.


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Hi, I've trolled through a lot of posts, read documentation and viewed many an example to get my script to where it is, I've worked through the issues one by one - it's almost at point of completion.
Right now I'd like to work on general "quality of life" code, I'd really appreciate some help - eyes are starting to hurt with the focus I've been giving this thing! even if links to documentation or examples can be provided I'd really appreciate it, right now I'm not even sure what terms to start searching for.


Specifically if anyone can please assist with two points:
ImageSearch followed by a Random MouseClick within the searched images size (i,e 41x13 pixels)
ImageSearch with the movement of the mouse TO the mouse click more randomized in it's path - curved somewhat or more human in it's movements.


ElseIf $both = 0 Then
               $Search = _ImageSearch('find.bmp', 1, $FB_X, $FB_Y, 80)
               If $Search = 1 Then
                  MouseClick("left",$FB_X, $FB_Y,1)
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I don't by any means "need" to have either of the above working - It was more a point of interest - "can I?" 

It's all good, I answered my own questions moments ago with some more searching. Thanks!



Edit: Typo fail!

Edited by Skelo
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