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How to transfer C# AES-256 to autoit

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The C# code is as below, how to change it to au3? Thanks!

public static string Encrypt(string toEncrypt) 
   // 256-AES key    
    byte[] keyArray = UTF8Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("12345678901234567890123456789012");
    byte[] toEncryptArray = UTF8Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(toEncrypt);

    RijndaelManaged rDel = new RijndaelManaged();
    rDel.Key = keyArray;
    rDel.Mode = CipherMode.ECB;
    rDel.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;

    ICryptoTransform cTransform = rDel.CreateEncryptor();
    byte[] resultArray = cTransform.TransformFinalBlock(toEncryptArray, 0, toEncryptArray.Length);

    return Convert.ToBase64String(resultArray, 0, resultArray.Length);
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