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is possible the code self update when compile?

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Hi Forum!

Another time, I had to compile some information within the code that I do not remember exactly ... 
But the doubt remained. 

Then, you can compile a file, use the FileInstal to embed this file into the executable, and save this FileVersion within a variable within the code? 

Something like auto-updating of the variable that contains the FileVersion file. 

If you wonder why it is easy to answer: Do not downgrade file. (not allow retrograde file update). 

At the moment I see an alternative path, but I would not use it to exchange ideas. 

Embedding the file into the executable, and expand it with a temporary name, making verification of FileVersion files (new and old) and overwrite the latest. It's an option ... 
Another option would be to build a script to be run before compile, look for the variable in question, read the name of the file you want to get FileVersion and use this script to update the variable with the version of the file, then proceed with the build.

Is this possible?


Br, Detefon

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