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ControlSend, ControlClick, nothing works on this App

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Hi all

i have this app that is used for updating our companies financial software and i'm trying to automate it.

My problem is that none of Send, ControlClick, ControlSend, ControlSendText are working on this app. There is one other app that is used for backup and i automated that with no problems.

The problematic app opens normally with ShellExecute and has a Start button to start update process that can be clicked or run using Alt+S. I've tried everything i can think of but just can't click that button.

Here is the code i've tried:

#include <Debug.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

_DebugSetup("Debugw", True)
;_DebugSetup("Debugw", False, 4, "wFlash.txt", True)
WinMove("Debugw", "", 7, 6, 427, 319)

_DebugOut("Opening Fresh")
ShellExecute ("Fresh.exe","", "...")
If @error Then
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Error", "Fresh error "& $iFlash)
$hWndFresh = WinWait("Fresh", "", 10)
If $hWndFresh == 0 Then
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Error", "Fresh not started.")
    _DebugOut("Fresh not started")
_DebugOut("Fresh started")
$hCtrlStart = ControlGetHandle ($hWndFresh, "", 16408)
_DebugOut("Start handle: " & $hCtrlStart)
;$ctrlClc = ControlClick ($hWndFresh, "", 16408) ; no error but nothing happening
;$ctrlClc = ControlSend ($hWndFresh, "", 16408, "!{s}") ; no error but nothing happening
;$ctrlClc = ControlSetText ($hWndFresh, "", 16408, "!{s}") ; error - window/control is not found. !? not sure what's happening here
;$ctrlClc = ControlClick ($hWndFresh, "", $hCtrlStart) ; no error but nothing happening
$ctrlClc = ControlSend ($hWndFresh, "", $hCtrlStart, "!{s}") ; no error but nothing happening
If $ctrlClc == 0 Then
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Error", $ctrlClc & " - window/control is not found.")
    _DebugOut("window/control is not found")

Here is some window info:

Title: Fresh V.14.10.07

Class: ClaWin0400000H_1

Some control info:

Class: ClaButton_0400000H

Instance: 1

ClassnemeNN: ClaButton_0400000H1


Advanced Mode: [CLASS:ClaButton_0400000H; INSTANCE:1]

ID: 16408

Text: &Start

AutoIt is version under Win 8.1

Any ideas?


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You have problem with the run button or with everything else?

I would try to use Run, with FileSelectFolder (if multipel ppl will use the program, they can select the folder where their copy of the program is, and the script starts to autorun it),

Also you can try to use AU3Recotrder to simply record yourself clicking the button (don't know why should it work while the others dont, but it could worth a try in my opinion)

Edited for AU3Recorder

Edited by SorryButImaNewbie

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Thx SorryButImaNewbie.

There are 4 buttons, Start, Settings, Help and Exit. None of which i am able to use.

Tried Run() but it does not run the app. That's why i'm using ShellExecute.

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If it fails, it might be that the controls are not standard, and fall outside the boundries of what AutoIt can manipulate natively.

If that is the case, your next port of call should be '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

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My smili did not go through. :-(

As in most cases, app opens but click is still not working. I also tried to change focus with ControlFocus to a different button but dat also did not work.

Could it be some permission problem or the language the app was written in?

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If you are using WinActivate along with Send or the others, you should get a result.

I always play it safe, by also using WinActive, usually with a timeout etc.

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