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Attempting to automate AP Tuner

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The above is a link to the application I'm attempting to automate. AutoIt Window Info reveals 3 controls of Class "AfxWnd80s" that I suspect are Windows on their own. I am attempting to get handles to them and extract a class list (though I'm not exactly sure this is the way to go around it):

$subwinhandle returned is not null (for i={1,3} - AfxWnd80s1 has no ID in AutoIt Window info, Ctrl_ID(AfxWnd80s2)=1, Ctrl_ID(AfxWnd80s3)=3 ), but WinGetClassList does not return anything for i={1,2,3}
I'm attempting to read some text from AfxWnd80s2 (Text below Cents and Note) in the area denoted 2 in the screenshot.
I'm not even sure this *can* be done, and if the handles returned by GetDlgItem are valid, or even if I'm calling the right function to get them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
#include <WinAPI.au3>
$h=WinGetHandle("AP Tuner")
for $i=1 to 3
$y=ControlGetHandle($h,"","[CLASS:"&$x&"; INSTANCE:"&$i&"]")



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