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Help me write a script to auto


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Good day !! Congratulations to all a Happy 2015!

  Help me write a script to auto. It is necessary to notepade to press the button alt and distinguish the mouse
   at the same time here we go. And down the road. It can be seen on the screenshot it should be. When he reached the end it is necessary to delete.
 I myself am a long time to think, forgive me.

іншою мовою
In other words

Hello !!  Congratulations to all of the coming year 2015!

  Help me write a script to auto. It is necessary to press the buttons notepade alt and mouse simultaneously select
  like this. And down the road. It can be seen on the chest as necessary. Having reached the end should delete. I had to think long will forgive me.

other languages

  Доброго дня !! Вітаю всіх з наступившим  2015 роком!

   Допоможіть мені написати скрипт для Аутоит-а. Треба в нотепаде натиснути кнопки Alt і одночасно виділити мишею
 ось так. І вниз йти. Видно на скрині як треба. Дійшовши до кінця треба видалити.
 Я сам довго буду розмірковувати, вибачте мене.


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It works! Very well it works. I do not understand,how does this work?

      (? m) in a multiline text characters ^ and $ indicate the beginning and end of the line, respectively, or             the  beginning and end of the text

      ^ Top of the line (or the beginning of the text in a multiline texts), for example ^ text text $

         [0-9A-Fa-f] {6} The hexadecimal number, for example FF0000. 

                   {3} That 3??? Where 0059AF90 in a source code 3, so what? Figures 8 and 4 bytes!

                   And a gap, between 0059AF90 and 00 69 C9 0C how the gap is deleted, unclear than                                        generally??

        | Character "or" generally within the group, for example (10 | 20)

                   Why or here?

                  And what happened? not entirely clear it. What is and how it works here?

                  And what? not clearly entirely it. As how works here?

No, this is a very strange and unclear completely!...

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