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_IEDocWriteHTML, _IEBodyWriteHTML , _IEDocInsertText hangs

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Wondering if anyone is having this problem _IEDocWriteHTML never completes web page (see example)  does display but never reaches the  console write. Also the help example for _IEDocWriteHTML & _IEBodyWriteHTML , _IEDocInsertText

displays the page never exits. _IEDocInsertText the help example 3 works fine and will exit after removing the loop _IEDocInsertText help example 1 hangs. The help example for _IEDocInsertHTML works . The help examples that work refer to an external web site (www.autoit,com) dynamically made pages no longer work with these write methods..is this a ie new security tightening issue..?

 I'm using ie11, Is this to do with latest IE updates..? So what do we do if we need to make a dynamic HTML page.

#include <IE.au3>

Local $oIE = _IECreate()
Local $sHTML = ""
$sHTML = "<html>  " & _
                 " <body>" & _
         "Hello World" & _
                 " </body></html>"
_IEDocWriteHTML($oIE, $sHTML)
ConsoleWrite( @CR & "--- NEVER GETS HERE  " & @CR )

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IE version?




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Might be something to do with that last IE update, check wu history and remove it.

I see you already mentioned that.

Sorry, having a gaga day.

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