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Feature Request: Asynchronous Operations & Event Handlers


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It's been requested in the past to have multithreading to which the response was "It would take too much redesigning of Autoit" but what about Async? Multithreading and Async are two different things. This way we could put tasks in the background without having to fork processes. Right? Also better event handling would be nice rather than throwing everything in a while loop we could have some functionality like javascript which seems to be far more responsive and reliable as the more you add to your while loop the less change there is of your "event" getting caught for some reason (At least in my experience).

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There is always GuiEventMode.

Any chance you could explain how they are different?

To me, they are by definition, the exact same thing.


The difference is that an async operation happens on the same thread. Lookup Javascript's async (Which is not multithreading) or even better C# async/await vs thread. Also, I think you were referring to OnEvent? OnEvent will help if it does what it says it does and continues executing the program loop while executing the event function. Thanks because I didn't know that existed but yeah, async is generally not the same as what you would consider multithreading and when asked about multithreading I'm sure that's what the Autoit devs are thinking of, not async.

Since there's already this OnEvent for GUI elements it wouldn't be a stretch to add async/await functionality beyond just executing a function when a GUI event happens.

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Multithreading is different parts of a program running, typcially called threads.
Asynchronous programming uses threads to kick off a piece of code.   So asynchronous programming relies on multithreading to work.




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