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How to check the app state and kill it if it stuck ?

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I have a software that scrape information in google search.

And it's pretty convenient so I set it to run in time interval.

The problem is whenever my connection lost, it stuck at the loading, and can't progressing.

So is there anyway to check if it stuck at loading page longer than 10 sec , it automatically kill the process ?

I am trying to use imagesearch, but don't know how to kill process if image found and longer than 10 sec.

While 1
If ProcessExists ("WebScrape.exe") Then
  $Search = _ImageSearch('stuck.bmp', 0, $X, $Y, 0)

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OK, well the first thing is first.

Write code to find your image, there are many examples on the forum.

Then Look at TimerInit and TimerDiff which are very basic.

Have an attempt and post your code.

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