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Excel: Send {"^C"} is ignored

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Prologue: PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO USE EXCEL UDF. I really need to do some complex things with saltuary user interactions.

all is working (included GUI and user interactions) UNTIL i need to simply automate a copy/paste. I need to do this in this way, please :sweating: respect my will, simply, if you can and if you want, reply to my question 'as is'

I'm on Excel, opened by Autoit

I use {DOWN} key to goto a cell a5.

I send "^C" to copy the cell, then move to right and paste

Simply it doesn't work.

I noticed that ^C is ignored.

I've already tryed this

Until ClipGet()

without success. (The gui is frozen, because clipGet never give results)

Is there a way?

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Try it like this do the msgbox popup?

    $clip = ClipGet()
Until $clip

tested with


Send("{DOWN 4}")

no problems

Maybe you just need some sleep factor before copying data.

Better that you post script that can reproduce problem, you say "I'm on Excel, opened by Autoit" and we don't have code for that to test with, so post that code that is causing you the problem (or smaller code that can replicate problem).

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You're right !

I added some



Before copy and before past, but, also, used ^{INSERT} and +{INSERT} instead of Ctrl-c And Ctrl-v .

Magically it works !

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