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I wanna make red/green/Orange square

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Hello all :)

I made that migration script but i just wanna improve it with a single view to see if evrything is ok with Colored squares


How can i make a red square anywhere in my guy with conditional things

something like :

ControlRead ($Control1)

If $control1 = UAC activé then

    Make redsquare here

ElseIf $control1 = UAC desactivé then

    Make Greensquare here

Any help in the syntax ?

in my mind i should first of all make a white square somewhere and change the color of that square depend of my conditions ... but how can i make a square that i can change with Guictrlsetcolor ?

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What about the idea to set the GUI background color according to the condition instead of creating any graphic object?

Otherwise, just create a lable somewhere in your GUI and change the bg color of it as desired.

$iLabel_Status = GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 0, 0, 32, 32)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0xFF0000)

Later you can change the color using GUICtrlSetBkColor($iLabel_Status, 0xFFFF00) or so.



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This is just fine... i would like to not change the general GUI color but i thought about it me too x)

I dont expected i was able to change each label it s exactly what i need thx man.

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Also you can change the color of text, if you like more: GUICtrlSetColor ( controlID, textcolor )

Use AControlViewer.exe/AControlViewer_x64.exe inside Autoit folder to find color values.

My english shucks, i know it.

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