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Total newbie: Is this possible for AutoIT?

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I want to be able to start a task when a windows 2012 server restart.


But for the following reasons, I cannot start it via task scheduler or windows service.

1) The server is running on a aws ec2 machine

2) I have some background task which unfortunately has some dependency on windows office. And the task cannot be automated as a windows service.

3) However if I login via RDP and start a batch file from DOS prompt the background task can be successfully started.

My goal is to automate this: I want the task to be automatically kicked start when the server reboots. 

I have tried task scheduler but it did not work. It is because my task, in addition to MS office dependency, also requires to 'runas' as a different user.  It is because I need to run multiple instance of the task. If the tasks all run under same account, some office plugin will crash because it is not designed as thread safe.

I suppose it is a hard problem. All the software components involved are not designed as background task but I need to automate them...

I believe if I can simulate my manual workflow - 'start a DOS prompt and run a batch file' - I might be able to work around it.

Any suggestion is welcome

Thnaks, Tony

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Yes. It Is. can you explain what do you want to do exactly ?

I can even add it s easy with Autoit...


RunAs exist.

and you can manage the Registry to RunAs the script you will make after each reboot.

You can even cript passwords/account credential...

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