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Struggling with a small part of my script

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I am working on a script to pull up several different windows and cycle between them. At the end of each cycle the page is refreshed. I have ran into an issue with our mail inboxes that causes it to lock down the inboxes due to "suspicious" activity because of the refreshes. I'm wanting to add in a check to skip refreshing the inboxes, but to refresh everything else. The page title changes according to the amount of unread emails in the inboxes so it has to account for that.

The title for our inboxes reads like this.

Inbox (N unread) - inbox@company.com - Company Mail - Google Chrome

Inbox (N unread) - inbox2@company.com - Company Mail - Google Chrome


This is what I have. I know it doesn't work right, but I'm not sure what to do.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", -2)
$InboxCheck=WinGetTitle("", "[active]")
IF NOT ($InboxCheck = "Mail") THEN Send("{F5}")
I think what I need to do is just not refresh any page that contains the title "Inbox". How would I accomplish this?
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Easily check the title with


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Here is how I delete a list of files off of user desktops.

You can use the same kind of loop and the FileReadToArray() to run your script in a loop while changing the search string.

Also I assume your using WinActivate() and such and your searching the title but do not forget in times where the title gives you issues you can use the handle or class.

title The title/hWnd/class of the window to activate. See Title special definition.
#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>

$ListChoose = InputBox("Black Magic Automation", "Choose The File With Your Desktop Deletion List", "publicsafety.txt")
If @Error Then Exit

$aFile = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\" & $ListChoose)
$aFLIST = FileReadToArray($aFile)
;Debug See File List

For $i = 0 To UBound($aFLIST) -1

;Debug See Current File Name
;MsgBox(0, "", $aFLIST[$i])

$Dfile = $aFLIST[$i]

If $DFile = "" Then $DFile = "youdidnotloseitall.txt"

$folder = StringLeft(@UserProfileDir,StringInStr(@UserProfileDir,"\",0,-1))
$search = FileFindFirstFile($folder&"*")

While 1
    $profile = FileFindNextFile($search)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    If FileExists($folder&$profile&"\desktop\" & $DFile) Then
        FileDelete($folder&$profile&"\desktop\" & $DFile)


MsgBox(0, "Black Magic Automation", "Cleanup Completed!")

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