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Different between 2 macros

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Happy Friday everyone!

I would like to ask a pretty basic question, precisly whats the different between @ScriptDir and @AppDataDir? I know that @ScriptDir is the path for where the script (compiled/uncompiled version) is. Just today I read around some of the codes posted, and to me they seem to be similar after I read the help file. I didn't want to ask it in PM from the poster of the code where I read it

Sorry for the elemetary question, and thank you for the enlightenment!

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No Master Jos, I read it :) , reads "Path to current user's Roaming Application Data" and "Directory containing the running script. Only includes a trailing backslash when the script is located in the root of a drive." respectivly

I just don't really know whats "Roaming Application Data" means exactly, is it a Temporary file?

Edit: for smile :)

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It is equal to the %APPDATA% enviroment variable.

Type that in a Windows Explorer and hit enter or open a CMD window and type Set AppData to see it.


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