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load script into memory / avoid handle


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Hi there,

i have a script wich runs from USB, sometimes i will remove the USB after the script is startet, actually i even want to remove it using the script itself.

But windows will refuse ejecting the USB since the script is running from it and there is an open handle.


The common "resolution" is to copy the script to $temp and re-run it from there, but i dont want to copy my script for security reasons and i dont like filling up $temp.


Is there another way to end the script's handle or even to preload it completely into memory?





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Don't know, but what about running it from temp and selfdelete on exit?

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thanks for your ideas, but its not yet the solution


the batch is not the problem (you can use removedrive.exe or maybe devcon.exe), but as long the program runs from the same drive you cannot safely eject.

I also would avoid ejecting forcefully too often.


hmm deleting is an idea but "delete on exit" will not work in case the machine stops unexpected etc. etc.

deleting while its running is not possible normally


can i end the handle without stopping the program?

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Perhaps if you could outline these security concerns, you might inspire a solution.

Not wanting to copy a file to a drive, but rather execute it in memory seems a little odd regarding security.

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