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Building a GUI replacement for Web Interface on Yamaha V773

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Just wondering where to start with this one.  I have never attempted anything of this nature. 

I think I need to find the HTTP information being sent and then emulate it with my GUI.

For those who do not know the Yamaha V773 has a HTTP interface.  So you put the IP of the receiver in your browser and you get basic controls like what source to use, power, volume.

Id like to put all that into a GUI so I do not have to keep a web browser open and I can integrate it into the GUI I built to turn off/on my lights with my Wemo switches.


If we have any examples/tutorials I can take a look at those first and then try to get some working code and come back for help when I get stuck.


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You could use _IECreateEmbedded. if you want to use Http methods You should use a http debugger to see what it does.


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Yeah, thats the thing never doing this before I do not know the best program or exactly what to look for.

I tried a program called HTTP Headers for firefox, not much luck.  I found the built in debugging for firefox actually probably has what I need but its a bit hard to read as you have to click on each "transaction" to see what is actually happening.

Once I know what to look for I will start testing, and of course AutoIT has 3 or 4 different UDFs for doing this kind of thing, not sure what is the newest or most standard.

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