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Hello everyone (once again :sweating:),


Im creating a program that relies on using Hotkeys and i would like the user to choose which Hotkey should call which function.

So i created a list with labels just like in some games where its display like this:


walk forward    -    "W"

walk backwards -  "S"


The hard part is, to make it work. I guess i could have a little GUI displayed which said "press a button" then you press the button and the function would be assigned to that pressed button. But i dont wanna make a whole list of "_IsPressed" calls (partially because i know that would look ugly, slow down the app, maybe not even work and so on).

And yes, i know Melba, The answer to this Problem could be used as a "Keylogger" but i simply dont know any other way around it apart from a InputBox that would prompt the user to type in the corresponding KeyCode (_isPressed Codes).


Thank you in advance



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$var = InputBox("HotFunc", "Enter a Letter")

HotKeySet($var, "_HotFunc")

While 3

Func _HotFunc()
    MsgBox(0, "HotKey", @HotKeyPressed)


That would be an options for the A-Z keys...

But what about ALT, CTRL, DEL, INS, SHIFT, WIN, and so on...

Guess they could just type it in...

and i guess i thought to complicated once again... :blink:

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Yea i implemented it using the typing technique, replaced all the ALT,SHIFT,WIN,CTRL using StringReplace with the corresponding Chars (!, #, + and so on) and set the resulting Hotkey to a test function. if the Hotkeyset call would return 1 it was valid and actually saved, if not repeat the whole thing.


Just for anyone else who might stumble upon this in a few years.


But thanks for the suggestion.

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