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Chrome Users - How to Setup PixelSearch (left, top, right, bottom)

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Introduction: Finding a specific color within a specific area

The link will be listed below, along with a screen shot of how it works.

Step 1 - Install Chrome Extension [Page Ruler]

Step 2 - Locate the Page Ruler in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click it.

Step 3 - A Blue bar will appear with the following settings [Width, Height, Left, Top, Right, Bottom]

Step 4 - The cursor will change to a different Icon. All that's left is to mark the areas u want the PixelSearch to search.

Example Below - This will search in the center of Yahoo.com and locate the yellow arm band and click it.

$pixel = PixelSearch(156,  274,  250,    748,   0xFCF21F,   0)
;                 (  left, top,  right, bottom    color   shade
    If IsArray($pixel) = True Then
        MouseClick("primary", $pixel[0], $pixel[1], 1, 0)




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Thanks for comment, John. 

Let me clarify the reason of this post. Over the past few month I've been using the pixel search function. What I've noticed was all the forums lacked information on how to find the left, top,  right, bottom of a particular area. While I was working on a particular project I needed a specific area on the screen to scan for a certain color. The Page Ruler extension gave me the exact dimensions I needed. The AutoIT forums lacks this information.

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