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Windows Volume Mixer control

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Is there some way to send controlCommand to mute a specific program through windows mixer without having to keep the window open and alt-tabbing to it every few minutes? I made a program for general control of spotify, but the ads are a lot louder than the actual music volume, so i want something to mute them. I made something that control-clicks on windows mixer's "Mute Spotify" Text control, which works fine as long as 1: i keep the window for the mixer up, and 2: I activate that window every once in a while. Is there some way to do this without having to activate the window every so often, and not needing to keep the actual "Volume Mixer" opened? I'm not currently on my home computer which is the one with the source but I can add it when I get home if it would help knowing exactly how I'm calling ControlClick.  


Thansk in Advance!


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