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Yeh...but...I probably described it wrong....I have got 2 opened windowses (2 programs)...in 1 will work control click (I want this win to be unfocused all the time) because in the second window I want to write something...and always when the control click start....my focused win(to typing) is unfocused. How to solve it ? 

I tryed this:

$activeWindow = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]")
while 1

 ...but it isnt 100%

PS: Sorry for my english

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Looking at the code in the 3rd post, I'm unsure why you have presented us with an infinite loop. Here's a small example of switching focus between two windows - if it helps.

; Run the Windows Calculator.

; Wait for the calculator to become active with a timeout of 10 seconds.
WinWaitActive("[CLASS:CalcFrame]", "", 10)

; Run Notepad

; Wait for notepad to become active with a timeout of 10 seconds.
WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Notepad]", "", 10)

; Slow down the script

; Set focus to the calculator


; Set focus to the notepad


; Close Notepad


; Close the Windows calculator.


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