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ImageSearch gives Unterminated String

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I just found ImageSearch library, very cool! 

But when I tried to test it out I got strange errors, the only one I can't seem to get around is:

Line 46 (File "C:\....\ImageSearchDLL\ImageSearchTest.au3"): 


Error: Unterminated String.

Thats the error but my script doesn't even have 46 lines so it must be in something its importing, here's the test script:

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include "ImageSearchDLL.dll"
#include "ImageSearch.au3"

local $x, $y, $search

$search = _ImageSearch('search.bmp', 0, $x, $y, 0)
if $search = 1 then

MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "imagesearch", $x, 10)

its not line 46 in the imageSearch.au3 either. So! my thinking is its a problem with the DLL. 

I'm on windows 7, could it be that imagesearch.dll is not compatible with windows 7??

That would make me quite sad. Can someone help me? Thanks so much!


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I found a "fixed" version that works with windows 7 here on the forums somewhere. attached is the file I found. I have no idea what was done to fix these unterminated string errors I kept getting but I must have been using a very old version or something. hope this helps others!

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

You can't include a DLL. Source code in included and DLL's are called.


Thanks Jos, I'll remember that, I had tried not including the DLL before but I kept getting other errors too.

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      Do you have a working imagesearch.au3 with working dll?
      and how can i gethandle and send keyboard/mouse commands to hidden d3d window?
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      Hello. I've been working with Imagesearch library lately and it did a good work, although I moved to a new PC and didn't copy the old files with me so I downloaded the Imagesearch from the following post
       hoping that it will work. It doesn't though. First time I when I use (run as subscript to my code) the Imagesearch.au3, Scite finds errors (missing spaces). Ctrl+T (scite tidy) fixes these missing spaces but the script returns the following error on every run after:
      _ImageSearch('search.bmp', 0, $x, $y, 0) outputs
      "C:\Users\Knuckles\Desktop\AutoIt\include\ImageSearch.au3" (44) : ==> Subscript used on non-accessible variable.: If $result[0] = "0" Then Return 0 If $result^ ERROR no matter if I put the searched bmp in the script folder or folder img in the script directory. Also, it doesn't matter if the searched image on screen or not, it returns the same.

      Can you provide me any help please? I remember having these problems 2 years ago when I first met the imagesearch library also (I fixed it somehow though in that time). Seems nothing changed.

      Using this version posted in the following post gives the same error:
      Also I run windows 10 64bit and I have no shell options for script editing, running as x86 or whatever as I used to have on windows xp/7. I went through some steps like deleting a key in registry and I even reinstalled autoit and scite but that only resulted to au3 as unrecognized file format and not in getting back the menus and the icon on au3 files. Any thoughts on this?

      Edit: Installing 64-bit AutoIt and using 64bit ImageSearch is no change.

       but why is this one working and the original aren't? :(
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      I had made a bot that clicks and doing stuff. It is working fine, but when i move it to another PC ImageSearch stop working. I captured same image of a button again and i observed that they are a little bit different. How to deal with this? I wonder if i will make black and white detection might work, or not ... i don't know. The point is i am not willing to re-do photos on each and every PC i move the scripts.
      ClickOnImageWithToleranceFast("images/fb_about.bmp",16) Func ClickOnImageWithToleranceFast($image_path,$tolerance) If SearchForImageOnScreenWithTolerance($image_path,$tolerance) Then If $x <> 0 And $y <> 0 Then MouseMove($x+5, $y+5,0) Sleep(500) MouseClick("left") Sleep(500) EndIf EndIf EndFunc  
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      I saw a couple topics about both mousedrag and imagesearch in background or minimized window, but none of them has the solution, and they were old topics.
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      And also for the image search, is there any way to search for image (or pixel) in a background or minimized window? I thought maybe there is a au3 or dll or ... file for doing this.
      Another question I have: Any way to pinch zoom (two fingers) a window like "windows photo viewer" to zoom in or out? I saw something almost the same here, but not what I want.
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