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Trying to get script to recognise/pause when app is Not Responding

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Hi All,
Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a script that goes through 'views' in an application and changes the dates on these views for accurate reporting, the issue is that when selecting the view and when accepting the changes for the view the program frequently goes into a Not Responding mode while it thinks and applies changes.

My work around: I am currently sending the commands to open up the about window, once the about window opens (which means app is responding) it will close the about window and continue with script, however i think this is sloppy as i am just spamming the app with commands.

Using the window info tool i know the name and class of the app both when it is not responding and when responding.

Using this information i tried doing the following hoping that it would check for the Not responding window and if it's there it would sleep until the window goes back to "hp OpenView service desk", but it doesn't work.

If WinExists("hp OpenView service desk (Not Responding)") then
   tooltip('SCRIPT IS WAITING FOR HPOV TO LOAD', 800, 0)
   Until WinExists("hp OpenView service desk")

I have also tried using the Class instead of the name.

If WinExists("[CLASS:Ghost]") then
   tooltip('SCRIPT IS WAITING FOR HPOV TO LOAD', 800, 0)
   Until WinExists("[CLASS:WFC.Window.8]")

Sometimes the tooltip message does come up but then it just continues with the script, it doesn't loop until the window is responding again.

Hope this makes sense and have given enough info.



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