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Dear Autoit Gurus and helpers,


      I am having a vast amount of trouble with acquiring windows handle as I want to make a automation that I can use in my brother's computer too. Thank you all for reading!


So I figured out how to use controlclick command but cannot get it to work on advanced mode where title or class cannot be used.

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:  Ener
Class:  URPC
Position:   -8, -8
Size:   1382, 744
Style:  0x15CF8000
ExStyle:    0x00000100
Handle: 0x000503EC

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:  AfxWnd70s
Instance:   6
ClassnameNN:    AfxWnd70s6
Advanced (Class):   [CLASS:AfxWnd70s; INSTANCE:6]
ID: 1222
Position:   3, 346
Size:   229, 338
ControlClick Coords:    126, 22
Style:  0x50000000
ExStyle:    0x00000000
Handle: 0x000503C6

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position:   137, 398
Cursor ID:  0
Color:  0x313280

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<
For Help, press F1
Menu bar
Online Window
Online Window
Offline Window

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<


I tried this first on Notepad so I understand how to do this with a simple program first and found that how the syntax comes in the Autoit V3 Window Info is not how to make it work.

The autoit advanced mode window was: Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]

But this is not worked. What worked instead was:  ControlClick("Untitled - Notepad", "", "Edit1" , "left" , 1 , 67 , 7 ) .... Just an FYI. I do understand it can be done either way, I think.


So bottom line: I am trying to make control click happen without using the title or class. I want to use  Instance and ID or class nn and instance ? Am I doing this wrong ?

How would this line go: $wh1 = WinGetHandle ( " [ CLASS:URPC;Instance:    6] " )  ?????

Info:   ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button = "left" [, clicks = 1 [, x [, y]]]] ) 


Thank you all









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You can use ControlClick function with these parameters;

1. Title.- The title of the window which the control resides. But you can use handle of the window too.

2. Text - Not required. You can use an empty string.

3. ControlID - ID of the control you want to automate. You can use class and instance like this "[CLASS:Button;Instance:1]" 

Hope this helps.

Edit; In this case you can use contol click function like this

Local $Window_Handle = WinGetHandle("Ener")
ControlClick($Window_Handle, "", 1222)


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