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Remote shutdown

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Hello guys! I need some help! I got 2 PCs and i've placed them in separte rooms. 

It's tedious job to move every night from one room to another to close my PCs.

I've tried the remote shutdown command but i've got the 'Access is denied.<5>' message.

I need some sollutions to slove this error.

Thanks in advance!

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PSTOOLS:  PsShutdown and use an account with admin rights on the remote computer.


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I agree with Exit, TeamViewer is an easy option. If you're going to go with just a remote shutdown, obviously you need to be running it with credentials that have rights to shut the server down.

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Could use VNC and remote in to shut it down, though I think there are faster ways, listed above.

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Are you running the command in an elevated command prompt?  Also, is the account you are running the command under in the remote PCs' Local Administrators group?  If you are running it as a Scheduled Task, be sure to check the "Run with highest privileges" box.  




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If you remove the @SW_HIDE does the console window show you any errors?

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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You need to run your script with elevated permissions, using one of the following.  

#pragma compile(ExecLevel, requireAdministrator)

If you installed SciTE4AutoIt3.


You could just try running that command as administrator.

ShellExecute("shutdown.exe","/s /m \\" &  $PickPC, "", "runas", @SW_HIDE)




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the main issue is with permissions on the target pc, so "elevating" the command cannot work, as "elevation" usually means admin permissions on the host running the command (which is not needed, btw), not on the target host. that is, unless you "elevate" to a domain admin, which is usually not referred to as "elevation".

if shutdown is all you need, then TeamViewer/VNC/RDP and the likes are overkill and will only delay the process. Jos (post #3) pretty much nailed it, although i don't see the need to use external tools when a native command is sufficient. this should do the trick (not tested):

RunAs($sTargetAdminName, $sTargetHostName, $sTargetAdminPassword, 2, 'shutdown.exe /s /m ' & $sTargetHostName & ' /t:0 /f')

Note: mind you don't miss a whitespace when incorporating a string variable into an hardcoded text string!


EDIT: also, i fail to see why this topic should not be in the General Help and Support forum.

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Another trick with WMIC

if you know remote computer user credentials.

Windows Commandline :

WMIC /NODE:*remote computer ip* /USER:*remote computer user name* /PASSWORD:*remote computer password if empty use /PASSWORD:"" * PROCESS CALL CREATE "SHUTDOWN -S -T 0"


$remoteip = ""
$user = "Administrator"
$password "123456"
Run("cmd.exe /c " & "WMIC /NODE:"&$remoteip&" /user:"&$user&" /password:"&$password&" process call create 'SHUTDOWN -S -T 0'")
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