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Hey guys,

i need help at my bot :( I want a facebook bot which is checking who is the last comment .


If the guy doesnt have a black pic the bot will post my text and if im the last the side is refreshing but i dont know why it dosend working. Here is the code 




While 1

Func Start()
    While 1
        Local $coord = PixelSearch(426, 432, 436, 431, 0x000103)
        If Not @error Then

        $coord = PixelSearch(426, 432, 436, 431, 0x000103)
        If Not @error Then
            MouseClick ("left", 471, 900)
            Send ("@Ali Elchafei")
            Sleep (1000)
            Send ("({Enter})")

Func Stop()
    Exit 0

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You should use some debug code to determine what the script is detecting as a pixel value when someone comments. 

MsgBox(0,"Coordinate Detected", "The pixel detected is: " & $coord)

Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF ->

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I would suggest, that what you are attempting to do, is much more difficult than the effort is worth, especially with the fluctuating state that is Facebook much of the time. I cannot see how you would get much accuracy for long.

You would be better off using a Scrape and Filter process ... if that would indeed even work within the bounds of Facebook.

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You can use IE. (keep logged in) go to that comments page. go through that fields and check if it's your comment.

an alternative can be using ImagenSearch.



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