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Help for structure in function

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I try to transpose this function with this structure.
But it not work. it return a "2". Ho to do?

Func FbwfFindNext($log=false)
    local $size=68, $FbwfCacheDetail
    $FbwfCacheDetail=DllStructCreate("ULONG cacheSize; ULONG openHandleCount; ULONG fileNameLength; WCHAR fileName[1];")
    local $Ret=DllCall("fbwflib.dll", "ULONG", "FbwfFindFirst", "wstr", "C:", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($FbwfCacheDetail), "ULONG*", $size)
    local $fn=DllStructGetData($FbwfCacheDetail, "fileName")


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