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any idea how can i make goto? call function doesnt to seem work

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I just wanted to return back to the main function if pixelgetcolor did not matched  similiar to goto, but it gaves me error whenever there's no pixelgetcolor matched 

any suggestions?

Func main()
    Local $RandomNumber = Random(1,3,1)
   If $RandomNumber == 1 Then
   Local $click1= PixelGetColor ( 458 , 163 )
   If $click1 = (0x55556b) then
   MouseClick("primary",458,163, 10 , 0)
    call ("main")


    If $RandomNumber == 2 Then
   Local $click2= PixelGetColor ( 668 , 349 )
   If $click2 = (0x55556b) then
   MouseClick("primary",668,349, 10, 0)

    call ("main")


   If $RandomNumber == 3 Then
   Local $click3= PixelGetColor ( 520 , 449 )
   If $click3 = (0x55556b) then
   MouseClick("primary",520,449, 10, 0)

    call ("main")




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Func main()
    While (True)
        Switch Random(1, 3, 1)
            Case 1
                Local $click1 = PixelGetColor(458, 163)
                If $click1 = (0x55556b) Then
                    MouseClick("primary", 458, 163, 10, 0)
            Case 2
                Local $click2 = PixelGetColor(668, 349)
                If $click2 = (0x55556b) Then
                    MouseClick("primary", 668, 349, 10, 0)
            Case 3
                Local $click3 = PixelGetColor(520, 449)
                If $click3 = (0x55556b) Then
                    MouseClick("primary", 520, 449, 10, 0)
EndFunc   ;==>main


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Look at the Return command, and think about setting a value (variable) that is then checked.

P.S. That means creating a function with your code, and running/calling that, instead of that same code within your main function ... outsourcing that part of the process, so to speak.

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