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Will this run for ever

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I'm trying to run through our users home directory for old backup folders that is not needed anymore. We have a backup solution that create a folder on users home directory. The name of the folder is the name of the computer. So when a users a getting a new computer the a new backup folder is created. And in time a lot of backup folders will be present if the user are not deleting them, but that is usually not the case. So we will go through all users home folder and delete what not needed anymore. To find out which computer that is active I use the AD attribute "managedby" on the computer object and I make an array of active computers for the user, so I don't delete wrong folders. But what I can't find out is if my 'DO ... UNTIL' runs for ever. I hope you guys can help me out here.

Func DelFolder()
  Local $aComputerOwner, $sFileDate, $hSearch, $sFileName = ""
  For $i = 0 To UBound($aUsersTarget) - 1
    $aComputerOwner = _AD_GetObjectsInOU("OU=computers," & $sSiteOU & ",OU=company,DC=AD,DC=company,DC=ORG","(&(objectclass=computer)(managedby=" & $aUsersTarget[$i][0] & "))",Default,"cn")
    if $aComputerOwner <> 0 Then
      $hSearch = FileFindFirstFile($aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & "\" & "*.")
      if $hSearch <> -1 Then
          $sFileName = FileFindNextFile($hSearch)
          if UBound(_ArrayFindAll($aComputerOwner,$sFileName)) = 0 Then
            if StringInStr($sFileName,StringUpper(stringRight($sSiteOU,2) & StringMid($sSiteOU,StringInStr($sSiteOU,",")-2,2)&"LT")) <> 0 Or StringInStr($sFileName,StringUpper(stringRight($sSiteOU,2) & StringMid($sSiteOU,StringInStr($sSiteOU,",")-2,2)&"DT")) <> 0 Then
              $sFileDate = _ConvertTimeFormat(FileGetTime($aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & "\" & $sFileName,0,1))
                If _DateDiff('M', $sFileDate, _NowCalc()) > $sIntVal Then
                  if $aUsersTarget[$i][4] = "" Then             ;   HomePath                        Username
                    _FileWriteLog($hFile, $aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $sFileName&@CRLF)
                    if $bDebugMode Then
                      ConsoleWrite($aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $sFileName& ' ' &_DateDiff('M', $sFileDate, _NowCalc())& ' ' &$sIntVal& ' ' & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & @CRLF)
                Else                    ;   HomePath                        Username                    BackupFolder
                    _FileWriteLog($hFile, $aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & "\" & $sFileName&@CRLF)
                    if $bDebugMode Then
                      ConsoleWrite($aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $sFileName& ' ' &_DateDiff('M', $sFileDate, _NowCalc())& ' ' &$sIntVal& ' ' & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & @CRLF)
        Until FileFindNextFile($hSearch) = @error
        _FileWriteLog($hFile, "Error: No files/directories matched for " & $aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & "\" & "*."&@CRLF)
        if $bDebugMode Then
          ConsoleWrite("Error: No files/directories matched for " & $aUsersTarget[$i][2] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][3] & "\" & $aUsersTarget[$i][4] & "\" & "*."&@CRLF)
    ; Close the search handle.


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      Here is an existing AS400 PCOM script that I have: 
      #cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
       UDF Header Title: _PCOMM
       UDF Header Version: 0.1.0
       AutoIt Version:
       Author:         Jason S. - Jewelry Supply, Inc.
       Script Function: PCOMM UDF Header
                          For use with IBM AS/400 - IBM OS/400 - IBM System i - IBM i application system.
                          This PCOMM UDF Header targets ASW - an ERP application suite written in IBM's RPG language (yuck!),
                          although it will work for any AS/400 system and is not ASW specific.
                          PCOMM allows injection of keystrokes into the datastream of
                          a running terminal/console application ("Green Screen" Console Emulator).
                              - Assumes Session 'A' but can be overriden using the aswConnect() function.
                          PCOMM allows observing of characters in the datastream of a running
                          terminal/console application ("Green Screen" Console Emulator).
                              - Assumes Session 'A' but can be overriden using the aswConnect() function.
      #ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Global $Session = "A"
      Global $Ps
      Global $Oia
      ; Specify session to connect to
      Func aswSetSession($nSession)
          $Session = $nSession
      ; Connect to ASW
      ; @param $nSession - Specify session to connect to. Ex: "A"
      Func aswConnect($nSession = $Session)
          $Obj_ConnMgr = ObjCreate("PCOMM.autECLConnMgr")
          $OBJ_EmulSession = ObjCreate("PCOMM.autECLSession")
          $Ps = $OBJ_EmulSession.autECLPS
          $Oia = $OBJ_EmulSession.autECLOIA
      ; Send Data to ASW
      ; if $rownum and $colnum are not specified, defaults to the cmd line
      Func aswSend($keys, $rownum = 20, $colnum = 7, $inhibit = 1)
          $Ps.SendKeys($keys, $rownum, $colnum)
          if $inhibit = 1 Then
              While $Oia.InputInhibited <> 0
      ; Get Data from ASW
      Func aswGet($row, $col, $length)
          $info = $Ps.GetText($row,$col,$length)
          return $info
      ; Check which page we are on
      ; @param $page - Page to see if we are on. Ex: "DMR30101" == Sales Order Maintenance page
      Func checkScreen($page, $rownum = 1, $colnum = 72, $length = 8)
          If StringInStr(aswGet($rownum, $colnum, $length), $page) Then
              Return 1
              Return 0
      I would like to use it launch a connection to the AS400. I have an executable that I run with an hod file. Do I just need to run the exe and hod file then run the session connect function and send keys function to pass credentials?
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      _GUICtrlTreeView_SelectItem($hWnd, $Array2[1]) _GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem($hWnd, $Array2[1], "right")  
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