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GUI Creating to GUI Calculator - (Dialog Creation)

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I am very new to AutoIt, just started learning a few days ago. On the forum I am trying to find how the mentioned GUI calculator can be amended, and  made to work. Yesterday I thought I found something, but I was tired and did not write down where I found it. Now, today, I can not find the topic again, unfortunately.

Can someone tip me where to find, and how to search better on the forum. I really want to learn more by studying and trying the examples, on a beginner level.

Thank you,

Ad R.

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22 minutes ago, Jfish said:

Not sure if this is what you mean but in the help file there is a tutorial section.  One topic is "Simple Calculator GUI".

Yes, but that is only the code to create the GUI dialog. What I am searching for, is code to make it actually work; I have seen the names "guinness" and "Azjio" mentioned, but, as I wrote, I can not locate this again. I am probably stupid, not knowing exactly how to search the forums.

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@kwibus, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum.

why won't you try it yourself? copying others' solutions will not improve your skills like doing it on your own.

i advise you study the examples for various GUI functions, like GUICReate, GUIGetMsg, etc. once you understand those, it becomes easier to complete the functionality of the calculator.


EDIT: changed AutoIT to AutoIt - thanks to TheDcoder for the post hereunder.

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Everybody, thanks for helping me.

Now I have a more specific question, about these lines of code:

            If StringInStr($i_EdtScreen, '.') = 0 Then
                GUICtrlSetData($i_EdtScreen, '.', 1)

The idea behind this: in case a button is clicked, to insert a period in a number, only one period is valid to build a real number. So, if there is already a period in the input edit screen, there should not be a period added. I hope you understand what I mean.

But the code above allows a second, third etc. period added. What am I doing wrong?

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11 minutes ago, kylomas said:


You are missing the guictrlread in the stringinstr test...on stupid phone and cant type very well...


Yes! Thank you, @kylomas This the solution:

$i_text = GUICtrlRead($i_EdtScreen)
            If StringInStr($i_text, '.') = 0 Then GUICtrlSetData($i_EdtScreen, '.', 1)

Thank you again, now I have got more knowledge to get further!


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Hello again,

I have a new question about something I don't understand. It is about 

Conditionally chooses one of two responses based on the result of an expression.

the code:

(StringLeft($sVar, 1) == '-') ? ($sVar = StringTrimLeft($sVar, 1)) : ($sVar = '-' & $sVar)

this gives me an error: Statement cannot be just an expression.

I really do not understand this error message; what is wrong with my code?

Could it be that the responses can only be strings, string literals?

Thank you, Ad

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another idea
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