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Incorrect number of parameters in function call on declaration line

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#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include "AssocArrays.au3"

While 1
    Global $avToggled
    AssocArrayCreate($avToggled, 5)
    $hWnd = WinActive("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]")
    If $hWnd Then
        Local $aMousePos = MouseGetPos()
        Local $aBoundPos[4]
        $aBoundPos[0] = WinGetPos($hWnd)[1]
        $aBoundPos[1] = $aBoundPos[0] + (WinGetPos($hWnd)[3] - ControlGetPos($hWnd, "", "Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND1")[3])
        $aBoundPos[2] = WinGetPos($hWnd)[0]
        $aBoundPos[3] = $aBoundPos[2] + WinGetPos($hWnd)[2]
        If (Not AssocArrayExists($avToggled, $hWnd)) Then
            AssocArrayAssign($avToggled, $hWnd, 0) ;Assumes bookmarks are currently not expanded
        If ((IsInside($aMousePos, $aBoundPos) And AssocArrayGet($hWnd)) Or (Not (IsInside($aMousePos, $aBoundPos) Or AssocArrayGet($hWnd)))) Then
            AssocArrayAssign($avToggled, $hWnd, 1 - AssocArrayGet($hWnd))


Func IsInside($vMousePos, $vBoundPos)
    Return ($vMousePos[0] < $vBoundPos[3] And $vMousePos[0] > $vBoundPos[2] And $vMousePos[1] < $vBoundPos[1] And $vMousePos[1] > $vBoundPos[0])

Run, and when I switch to a Chrome window, it gives me an "Incorrect number of parameters in function call" error on line 40 (the Func IsInside declaration). Kinda confused how that's possible, and how to fix it.

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If AssocArrays.au3 is from Associative Array functions I can see, that AssocArrayGet is called with a wrong number of parameters.

If this doesn't help please post the complete error message from SciTE console.

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