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Can't see hebrew letters in the editor


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Hi guys.

I am working on Windows 10.

I installed autoit and SciTE4AutoIt3.

I tried to load a script I have which includes hebrew letters.

The problem is that I cannot see these letters. I see something like this: ëãåøâì

Also, when I print $oLink.innertext to console I can see only question marks.

How   can I fix this situation?



Guys, after "solving" the problem above, I now get exclamation marks in the SciTE output window instead of Hebrew letters.

Now, how do I solve this one??    :'(


Thank you!


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Looks like Unicode or  Windows-1255 isn't this the relevant answer (Help > Unicode Support ):

Current Limitations

There are a few parts of AutoIt that don't yet have full Unicode support. These are:

These limits will be addressed in future versions if possible.

Of course there is the Windows-1255 option for Hebrew but I don't know how to configure the browser for that. FYI ANSI = Windows-1252

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I wish I could remove my question, because the solution was somehow silly.

I just stopped fighting with all the encoding and characterless sets etc. and simply retyped the Hebrew letters... :>

I just hope to decode correctly to the original words...

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