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Simplify button adaption from the original code

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Hi, ive got a gui with a number of buttons which i might need to add buttons too as i go along

example button code

Local $hButton1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("", 6, 6, 70, 70, $BS_BITMAP, $WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE)
    Local $Dir1 = @ScriptDir & '\settings\button_1\'
    $search = FileFindFirstFile($Dir1 & '*.bmp')
    If @error = 1 Or $search = -1 Then
        GUICtrlSetImage($hButton1, @AppDataDir & '\Toolz\question_large.bmp')
        While 1
            $find = FileFindNextFile($search)
            If @error Then ExitLoop
            $IconTest_1 = $find
            $image = GUICtrlSetImage($hButton1, $Dir1 & $IconTest_1)
    Local $ToolTip_1 = IniRead($IniFile, 'Button_1', 'button_1_tooltip', 'Error Reading Button 1 Tooltip')
    GUICtrlSetTip(Default, ' ' & $ToolTip_1 & ' ')

Now the problem is, if i copy that and paste to make a new button i end up having to change the '1' at the end of each part so it relates to button 24 for eg

Ive been messing about trying to make it work with stuff like this

$hButton = 'Button', $bNumber = '_1'
     $bBut_ID = '$bBut_ID' & $bNumber
    ConsoleWrite($bBut_ID & @CRLF)
    $bBut_ID = $hButton & $bNumber
    ConsoleWrite($bBut_ID & @CRLF)

But then the Case statement for the button doesnt work.


Is there a simple way to do this? so i can edit one number and the whole button section changes? and still works with the case statement

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Use a Array to store the CtrlID of the button. Or use OnEventMode and set all Buttons to the same func. @GuiCtrlID helps you to identify which button has throwed the event.

For extended help post a runable reproducer.

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