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PixelSearch search similar colors

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I made a script that searches the color 4A3203.

Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($x-300, $y+300, $x+300, $y-300, 0x4A3203)

it worked at first but the color that its supposed to be searching changes very slightly.. is there anyway to have it search through multiple colors that are similar?

Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($x-300, $y+300, $x+300, $y-300, 0x4A3203 to 0x4A3209)      - I know this wont work but is there any way you can do that?

Here is the full script that i wrote(i dont really know what im doing)

   Click($x, $y)

Func Click(ByRef $x, ByRef $y)
   Local $i = $x
   Local $j = $y

   Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($x-300, $y+300, $x+300, $y-300, 0x4A3203)
   If IsArray($aCoord) = 1 Then
      MouseMove($aCoord[0], $aCoord[1])
      MouseClick("left", $aCoord[0], $aCoord[1], 1, 1)
      $x = $i
      $y = $j

Func endProg()

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Func _PixelSearchEx($x, $y, $iStart, $iEnd)

    For $col = $iStart To $iEnd

        $aCoord = PixelSearch($x - 300, $y + 300, $x + 300, $y - 300, $col)
        If Not @error Then
            Return $aCoord


    Return SetError(1, 0, 0)

EndFunc   ;==>_PixelSearchEx


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