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Hi I have an idea of creating a parental filter (freeware) , which will be protecting children from navigating to adult websites.  I want to ask, what is your opinion, how to do it best way?

How to catch the traffic from the very beginning?

For example if a user is starting IE or Firefox, or if he has some alternate BLABLA-browser - how can I catch the url before actual navigation to website, so that my script could first check if the website is ok, and then if it decides that the website is not ok, just block connection to this IP.


Looking forward to your opinions, Great thanx in advance!

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When the child's are no it-freaks, you can editing your "hosts"-file usualy "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts".

Adding line: www.google.de

will block www.google.de for every user of the pc.

For diferent users you have to create for each one a hosts file and copy it to original hosts after login.

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57 minutes ago, topten said:

Hi I have an idea of creating a parental filter (freeware)

unless this project is for practice, then i would recommend "K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat", which cannot be overriden without administration rights, it has many filters and easy to use

2nd suggestion would be using OpenDNS family shield again customizable and free

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