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Using WinWait or WinClose Auto It script causing issues in Outlook

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I have a small exe I created in AutoIt that seems to be causing some problems in OutLook when people go to save a PDF or Reply to emails.

Here is my code.

WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "Make sure that your sign-in address, user name, and password are correct and try again.", 0)
WinClose( "Lync")


So this works just fine, it closes these message prompts we are trying to suppress.  But if the autoit executable is running when someone is using Outlook and they go to Save as PDF.  When they click "Save As" and go to type in the name of the file to save, they can't type in the box.  So if they close the autoit executable that's running only the code above, then they can use type in the name of the file.  So we know the EXE is preventing users from saving documents.

Now, I'm sure it could be the way I've written this code, but I'm new to AutoIt and I'm not sure what could be causing this.  This little script seems like it' targeting the correct CLASS # and Window TItle and exact message.  So I don't understand why it's interfering with other applications.

Any ideas?

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