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Why doesn't my simple script work perfectly 100% of the time?

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HotKeySet("{F1}", "LWTcopyAndPaste1")
HotKeySet("{F2}", "LWTcopyAndPaste1")
HotKeySet("{F3}", "LWTcopyAndPaste1")
HotKeySet("{F4}", "LWTcopyAndPaste1")

HotKeySet("{`}", "Ignore")

;HotKeySet("{ESCAPE}", "Terminate")


While 1


Func LWTcopyAndPaste1()

   Local $englishString = ""

   ;get original mouse position
   $startPOSX = MouseGetPos(0);
   $startPOSY = MouseGetPos(1);

   ;copy highlighted english definition
   $englishString = ClipGet()

   ;paste to define box


   ;reposition mouse to start

The script is pretty simple. Pressing F1-F4 copies highlighted text to a box then sends enter to save it.

The problem is sometimes it pastes things on the clipboard from the previous word meaning it did not copy. Since it saves so fast I do not even realize it made a mistake. That is why I had to add a ToolTip that is constantly on showing what was last saved. Trying to fix something saved incorrectly is very slow so I would like to find out how to stop this from messing up.

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Different applications require different length of presses to register...play with the AutoITSetOptions.  Also, send is sending at the active window, where sometimes, your mouse needs to be within the frame of that window...depends on the app.  You might rather look into controlsend (which is more accurate, but still has the issues with the application not registering the send)

100% - use ControlGetText...ControlSetText

or the DOM object if it's IE.

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