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guictrlcreateXXX and guictrldelete on specific $child gui while program run

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this is my example code I try to make to work, But i got no idea how to target a $child window when program already runs.

$hlist = GUICtrlCreateList("Your momo | hihihiih",100,100,100,100) ; I want to this to appear on $guichild1 (or any child I specifically assign or target)


#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

; Create parent
$hGUI = GUICreate("Parent", 500, 500)

$hButton_Child = GUICtrlCreateButton("Child", 10, 10, 80, 30)
$hButton_Test  = GUICtrlCreateButton("Test", 10, 50, 80, 30)
$hButton_Test2  = GUICtrlCreateButton("Test2", 10, 90, 80, 30)


; Create child
$hGUI_Child = GUICreate("Child", 400, 400)
$hGUI_Child2 = GUICreate("Child2", 400, 400)


While 1

    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $hButton_Test
            MsgBox(0, "Test", "You pressed the button!")
            $hlist = GUICtrlCreateList("Your momo | hihihiih",100,100,100,100) ;I want to let this appear on  $hGUI_Child and able to delete it also properly
        Case $hButton_Child

            GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hGUI_Child)
             GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hGUI_Child2)
        Case $hButton_Test2
            GUICtrlDelete($hlist )




I hope my question is clear and thx a lot!


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Use GUISwitch to switch to needed GUI.

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