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GDI CreateElliptic

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So I've got an image that is a circle and I want to be able to detect when the inside of the circle is clicked. I've used


If _WinAPI_PtInRectEx($aPos[0], $aPos[1], $TargetX + 5, $TargetY + 30, $TargetX + $TargetWidth, _
            $TargetY + $TargetHeight) Then


And that works but since its a circle it won't work. I attempted to use the CreateEllipticRgn using the following but my script crashes instantly.


Dim $Range = [100, 100, 100, 100]



Not sure if I have the structure right (I doubt I do) but if there's an easier method to detect a mouse click within a circle than that would be helpful. Thanks!


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x²+y²=r² so the distance of a point X from the middle of a circle M is 

\overline{\rm XM} = \sqrt{(x-x_M)^2+(y-y_M)^2}.

if XM<r the point is inside the circle...

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