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WinList issue

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I'm totally new here and I'm stuck with something that should be simple.

I want to know how many Notepad windows I have opened, so I use this code:

$aTables = WinList("Notepad")
MsgBox(4096, "Opened Notepad", $aTables)

but my message box is always empty.

Did I make something wrong or misunderstood the WinList command?

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Ok thanks, now my message box is not empty anymore but says 1 when no windows is opened and 2 when one notepad is opened. Tried with other windows and same issue.

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You need to read the helpfile more carefully. And JohnOne suggestion will work if you put a "-1" after the UBound function, as Winlist return an array as state in the helpfile.

Local $aTables = WinList("Notepad")
If IsArray($aTables) Then MsgBox(4096, "Opened Notepad", $aTables[0][0])


Return Value
Returns an array of matching window titles and handles.

If no title and text is given then all top-level windows are returned.

The array returned is two-dimensional and is made up as follows:
$aArray[0][0] = Number of windows returned

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