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Deleting rows in an Array

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I have an array with 40 numbers.

I want to have the top 20 numbers and delete the rest.

I looked at _ArrayDelete example:

; Range string
$aArray = $aArray_Base
Local $sRange = "0;11-15;24"
_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "BEFORE deletion")
_ArrayDelete($aArray, $sRange)
ConsoleWrite(" " & @error & @CRLF)
_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "RANGE STRING deleted")

Så I was thinking I could do this:

_ArrayDelete($aArray, '0;19')

But that does not give me want I want.

How can I keep my top 20 numbers and delete the rest?

Yours sincerely


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the range is defined by hyphen, not semicolon. use "0-19" to remove lines 0 to 19, not "0;19".

BTW you are not clear if you want to keep the first 20 or the last 20 rows.

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Or just redim to the bounds you want.  Would work in your situation when you are just truncating from the UBound towards 0.

ReDim $aHit[20]


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