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My new Win10 PC has decided that I am not allowed to create OpenOffice text or spreadsheet documents, but some other stuff I never use.  I would like advice on how to customize the "New" context(?) menu in the Windows Explorer "New" submenu.

I attach a screenshot.

Essentially, how do I customize that item? 



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open the registry in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, under each file extension key (and the "Folder" key) there may be a sub-key titled "ShellNew". if it exists, then inside there specified the application to start.

for example, look at the ".accdb" key (don't miss the dot prefix!), you'll find the entry for "Microsoft Access Database" menu entry (the first in your screenshot).

learn to work with that. applying it for specific file types may differ. you can try to duplicate and accommodate the registry entry for the "OpenDocument Presentation" menu entry. you may prefer copying the missing registry entries from another machine which has them, or back them up after a re-installation of OpenOffice.

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Fantastic.  I will look and see.  Thank you for the quick reply. :)



Why is the snake in the sky?

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