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Shell: folder shortcuts , ms-settings:settingName


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I just found out and want to share

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", ",")                         ;Open an Explorer window at 'the Computer
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:MyComputerFolder")    ;Open an Explorer window at 'the Computer
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:AppUpdatesFolder")    ;Display installed Windows Updates
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Cache")               ;Open the Temporary Internet Files folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:ControlPanelFolder")  ;Display the Control Panel
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Desktop")             ;Open the user’s desktop folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:DpAPIKeys")           ;Opens the user’s AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "Shell:AccountPictures")     ;Account Pictures
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Profile")             ;Open the user’s profile folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Links")               ;Open the user’s Links folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:User Pinned")         ;Access shortcuts pinned to the Start menu or Taskbar
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Quick Launch")        ;Open the Quick Launch folder (disabled by default)
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:Recent")              ;Open the user’s Recent Documents folder
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:SendTo")              ;Open the user’s Send To folder
ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "shell:AppUpdatesFolder")       ;Display installed Windows Updates

;~ More at https://ss64.com/nt/shell.html

;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "ms-settings:autoplay")              ;AutoPlay
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "ms-settings:privacy-email")         ;Email & app accounts
;~ ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "ms-settings:yourinfo")              ;Your info (Microsoft account)
ShellExecute(@WindowsDir & "\explorer.exe", "ms-settings:windowsupdate-history")    ;WinUpdate - Update history

;~ More at https://ss64.com/nt/syntax-settings.html

;~ _RestartExplorer()

Func _RestartExplorer()
    ; Close a list of explorer.exe processes returned by ProcessList.
    Local $aProcessList = ProcessList("explorer.exe")
    For $i = 1 To $aProcessList[0][0]
        ConsoleWrite("- ProcessClose=" & ProcessClose($aProcessList[$i][1]) _
        & ", PID:" & $aProcessList[$i][1] & ", " & $aProcessList[$i][0] &  @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>Example


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