Win10 suppresses Run() with @SW_HIDE option

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Only on some Windows 10 PCs do I get the issue that the Run() fails with the   @SW_HIDE = Hidden window (or Default keyword) option.  Not all Win10 machines, only some, but then consistently.  I have put UAC to lowest level, no joy.  As if the OS does not allow the hidden window to be created...

Seems that @SW_MINIMIZE = Minimized window or  @SW_MAXIMIZE = Maximized window does not suffer the same fate.

I will have more info in a day or so.

Anybody else with similar experience?



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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Whay do you mean "fails" and what do you execute? If I execute "cmd.exe" It works dfine for me with all three possible flags, although with the @SW_HIDE it looks like nothing happens, but the process is created and I can see it and kill it through the task manager. Is your @error set after execution?

My system info (found out my machine was still called w8-home :) ):


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I use the Run to launch a batch file

I have had another look.  It does not fail. What I meant originally was that the process does not start.  I was wrong.

However, the batch file seems limited to local resources.

For instance, I execute lines like these:

net use f: \\myshare s0m3t1n /P:yes
start f: /max
md textfilefolder
copy F:\*.txt c:\textfilefolder

note that the local commands all work.  The "net use" is executed, the local folder is created.  

The command "start f: /max" shows a Windows msgbox stating that the resource is not available and blocks the rest of the batch.

The copy from the mapped shared does not work.

And, yes, the remote PC is on an available for browsing in Explorer at this time.

I am guessing that this has something to do with privileges for the batch process... but not sure where to look.  

@SadBunny, I will look at the @error, good suggestion. Thx



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How do you know that the NET USE is succeeding?

P.S. You may want to update the thread title to be more accurate.

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Hi @Danp2, I may do that in due course.  How do I know the "net use " command works? Coz I see the mapped drive appear...

I have since learned about DACL :)

I believe the solutions to my problem lies here:

I am first going to see if I can change the share settings manually, if I know that solves the problem, I can start looking at scripting the solution. WinXP was so much simpler... :)

Thanks, will revert


Why is the snake in the sky?

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