Run batch file from AutoIt script with output to console

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I normally launch things silently, but now I want to launch a batch (.cmd) file and have it run as normal displaying it's standard output to the user. Whether I use ShellExecuteWait or RunWait, the command prompt window is displayed, but the output is blank (although I know that the batch file is processing normally because it also produces a log file).

If this is because AutoIt is re-directing the standard I/O of the batch file/console window, is there a way I can bypass the I/O redirection?



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Works for me:


This is my batch file:


@echo off
echo Hello world!
timeout /t 5

Works like a charm :)

Maybe write a reproducer?

Roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF... All my base are belong to you.

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Thank you for your response, SadBunny. It caused me to dig deeper into my scripts and it's unrelated to AutoIt.

Please disregard this post/message thread.


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Reproducer snippets FTW! :) 

Roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF... All my base are belong to you.

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